Handwoven Wool Rug inspired by an original Ganado design Navajo rug. #2119

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These rugs are handwoven using a 100% wool weft and a 100% cotton warp. The weft is everything you see and feel on the rug except the fringe. The warp is the skeleton of the rug. We use cotton on the warp to guard against possible moth damage. Many of our rugs are designed in our locations in New Mexico and Arizona, with the actual weaving being done in skilled adult weaver's homes in India

Among the most popular of all Navajo rug designs are the Ganado and Klagetoh styles, considered “contrasts” of one another, these distinct rugs complement each other in more ways than one. The Ganado Red was inspired by early trader, Juan Lorenzo Hubbell, founder of Hubbell Trading Post in 1878 (which is now a National Park), these bold and colorful rugs were modeled after paintings by the renowned artist E.A. Burbank, that can still be seen today in the Hubbell Rug Room. Hubbell operated over 20 Trading Posts at one time across the Central Navajo Nation. Note. The rug being sold here is not Navajo made.