Ken Edwards Collection Salad Plate 8" (KE.CP3)

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Ken Edwards was born in the U.S.A. He was educated in the Arts in Kansas City, Mo. He also studied his art in Japan. You will see the Asian influences in his "Collection" series. In the 1960's Ken Edwards migrated to the crafts village of Tonala, in Central Mexico. It was here that he founded the company known today as Ken Edwards Stoneware. Mr. Edwards has been creating his fine quality stoneware ever since. This LEAD FREE, high temperature stoneware is microwave safe, freezer safe, oven safe, dishwasher safe, and a pleasure to use at the dining table. Each piece is hand glazed by an apprentice of Mr. Edwards, always working by an open window, and always in natural light. Each artist paints a piece of the regular Ken Edward's line, and then a piece of the more intricate "Collection" series. A piece of the "Collection" series takes approximately three times the time to paint, as the regular series does. It is strictly forbidden to paint more than one piece of the "Collection" series in a row. Most pieces are signed with a KE for Ken Edwards and usually by another signature, an animal, fish, or insect. Scorpion, Swan, Bird, Snail, Spider, Crane, Swallow, Fish, and Mouse are all signatures of the talented artists at Ken Edward's shop. It is lead free. This piece measures approximately 8" wide and 1" tall.  Imagine your dinner party with every plate being similar but each guest will be dining with their own unique work of art.  How elegant !

Please note that every piece is an individual work of art.  The piece that will be shipped to you will not be identical to the one in the photo