Ken Edwards Collection Dinner Plate 10.5" (KE.CP1)

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Ken Edwards lead-free hand painted Mexican dinner plate is a beautiful and bold piece that will incorporate a pop of color to your table. Each piece is handmade and painted and comes in several patterns and design variations due to the hand making process. This lead-free hand painted Mexican dinner plate is sturdy, thick with a glazed finish that makes it smooth to touch. Approximately 10” wide and 1” tall, this piece of dinner plate is large enough to hold any meal while making a colorful impact in your kitchen or dining table. Ken Edwards 100% lead-free hand painted Mexican dinner plate is crack and chip resistant, as well as oven, microwave, grill, and dishwasher safe! Exposure to lead can cause serious health impacts. Using Ken Edwards handcrafted dinner plates, you won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals as they are lead-free and completely safe to use. If you are planning to host a party, or simply want to enjoy lunch or dinner with your family, serve delicious meals in these lead-free hand painted Mexican dinner plates and see how everyone is mesmerized with their beauty and excellent craftsmanship. Every piece is one of its kinds and you won’t get any similar item that matches the color and design like the one pictured here. What’s more, this exquisite and unique dinner plate makes for an excellent gift item too!

These handcrafted plates are beautiful. This piece measures approximately 10" wide and 1" tall.

Please note that every piece is an individual work of art.  The piece that will be shipped to you will not be identical to the one in the photo