Ken Edwards Pottery Traditional Bread Plate 7" (KE.P3A)

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Ken Edwards hand painted Mexican bread plate is a bright, colorful, and unique piece created using Mexico’s traditional pottery techniques. Each of this ceramic piece is handcrafted, unique, and highly textured using vibrant colors and beautiful Mexican patterns that makes it perfect for housewarming and other gift choices. You don’t have to worry about fading of colors or losing its original luster after you use it to cook or wash it as this hand-painted Mexican bread plate is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. This is made to last. Ken Edwards Mexican bread plate can be used for serving bread and butter in breakfast and also during dinner time. Whatever purpose you use this hand-painted Mexican bread plate, you will be proud to display it in your home. This handmade ceramic dishware is lead-free and safe for serving food. When used to serve food at home or any party, this hand-painted Mexican bread plate makes such an eye-catching table setting, you won’t ever think of putting it away. All of Ken Edwards dishes and serving items are handcrafted and hand-painted by Mexico’s skillful potters. Your ordered items will be carefully packed to ensure they arrive at you safely. 

 Imagine your dinner party with every plate being similar but each guest will be dining with their own unique work of art.  How elegant !

This piece measures approximately 7" wide and 0.75" tall.

Every piece of Ken Edwards is different. It is impossible to obtain a set of exact copies. The beauty of a set of Dinnerware from Ken Edwards is that each plate, each cup, each bowl is different. The piece you are shipped will vary in color and design slightly.