About Us

We started our business in the Santa Rosa, California area in 1977.  We began as a flea market operation selling Antiques and Collectibles and later added Native American Jewelry and Mexican Native woven wool rugs to our mix.  We began selling our products at Sidewalk Sales and State Fairs in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas during the winter months and the Dakotas, Idaho, Oregon and Washington in the summer.  One winter day we drove through the village of Tularosa, NM for the first time.  We noticed an old house on the highway that was for sale at a very affordable price.  The owner financed it for us and we bought the house.  We had no intention of opening a business there, it was only to be a place to rest between Fairs or Street Sales.  One day while there we threw a few of our Mexican Handwoven rugs over the chain link fence in front of the house facing Highway 54-70.  People stopped and bought rugs and more rugs.  We had a small store built for us and we opened our first store.  From there we opened stores in Old Mesilla, NM, then Albuquerque, NM, El Paso, Texas, Tucson, Az, Bellingham, Wa, Long Beach, Ca, and Alamogordo, NM.  Some stores were closed and some are still open.  We started importing clothing and accessories from Guatemala, folk art from Mexico, folk art from Peru and Ecuador, wooden products from El Salvador and eventually we started having rugs made in our designs by talented weavers in India. We started doing business with Ken Edwards in 1993 and have been selling his famous stoneware pottery ever since. Today we operate 8 stores in Arizona and New Mexico.  In Tucson we have Del Sol, Sacred Threads Boutique, and Off Fourth Outlet in the Fourth Avenue Shopping District and also La Zia Native Arts in the Old Town Artisan complex in downtown Tucson.  We still have store # 1 in Tularosa, NM which is housed in two buildings.  We have a large Native American Arts selection in one building, Imported Home Decor along with Ladies Bohemian Style clothing in the other building.  In Old Mesilla, NM we have three stores.  La Zia Native Arts, Del Sol which has a huge selection of jewelry, rugs, clothing and gifts and Galeria on the Plaza which houses the village's largest selection of locally made Arts along with a great selection of fine Mexican crafts.  We invite you to visit our stores and to shop our websites.   Thank you.

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