Zapotec Sale Rug approximately 30” x 60” handwoven #38

Sale price $ 39.95 Regular price $ 69.95

Zapotec rugs, approximately 30” x 60” and totally handwoven in 100% wool are now on sale with a $30.00 discount on each rug.  These are good quality handwoven rugs done by the Zapotec people of Teotitlan Del Valle in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.  The Zapotec people raise their own sheep, shear the sheep, clean and card the wool, spin the wool into yarn, dye the yarn using vegetal dyes and commercial dyes and then they weave the rug.  Each rug is a one of a kind work of art.

Flat weave rugs make great layer elements  when used with other flat weaves or with different textured rugs. Since they’re more pliable and lighter, flat weaves aren’t only for the floor. They are wonderful  as a throw or furniture accent or on a wall like a tapestry.