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Zapotec Handwoven wool 22" x 44" Zapotec rug, #15

Zapotec Handwoven wool 22" x 44" Zapotec rug, #15

$ 59.95 

This rug was handwoven by a Zapotec weaver in the Mexican State of Oaxaca in the village of Teotitlan del Valle. The Zapotec people raise the sheep, shear the sheep, card and clean the wool, use many natural dyes to dye the wool, and hand weave the rug. The Zapotec people have been weaving rugs in their village for hundreds of years. We are fortunate enough to have excellent connections with several weaving families so we are able to offer very reasonable prices on our rugs. We often see similar rugs for sale in stores and online for two to three times what we sell them for. This rug is a one of a kind and the rug in the photo is the rug you will receive if you should choose to purchase it.