Handwoven Wool Rug in Southwestern, Native American style 27123

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This rug is an original design done by Del Sol stores in 1999.  For 2019 we updated it and rearranged the colors to give it an entirely new look.  We hope you like it.  These rugs are entirely handwoven with a 100% wool face and 100% cotton skeleton.  Made in India by skilled adult weavers in their home studios.  Spot clean with cold water and a brush.  After brushing spot with cold water place a towel over the spot, double layered, and step on it to absorb excess water.  This will work in 90% of spots and stains if done when the spill occurs or soon after.  Try to avoid using any kind of soap or detergents but if you must use them, be sure to rinse well to get all soap removed.  Soap residue will collect dirt and you'll end up with a larger spot than you had originally.