Handwoven Wool Rug in Southwestern, Native American style 24769

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These rugs are handwoven using a 100% wool weft with a 100% cotton warp (skeleton) Everything that you touch is 100% wool. All weaving is done by skilled adult weavers in their own homes in India. Design work is done in Tucson, Arizona and in India. These rugs, if given proper care, will last for generations.  This is a very intricate and time consuming design for the skilled weavers we work with to do.  It is a beautiful rug and the design originated in India with our in house design team here in Tucson adding a few touches to make it our own.  Our handwoven rugs are done in limited quantities and are not mass produced.  Each rug is an individual work of art.
Flat weave rugs make great layer elements  when used with other flat weaves or with different textured rugs. Since they’re more pliable and lighter, flat weaves aren’t only for the floor. They are wonderful  as a throw or furniture accent or on a wall like a tapestry.