Resin Buddha 2.5"

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PRODUCT MATERIAL: Resin. Resin material is environmentally friendly material, products meet the US and European export quality standards, health and harmless.


LAUGHING BUDDHA: Exquisite workmanship,Imitation mahogany color. A set of six,express different forms of laughter. It Is said that his inner smile is so strong that his whole face is exudes a smile, no matter where he went, have brought happiness. It is said that his stomach has a lot of wealth, it will bring all the good luck and prosperity of the family, and his round belly bigger image of the more auspicious.


PRODUCT USAGE: You can put it in your home or your work area, or you can put it in the car. Laughing Buddha placed in the car, can always remind us of the wisdom,purity and kindness.As long as always ke  ep wisdom and kindness,we will solve all the pain and disaster.