Raku Pottery Wedding Vase Small, Medium, Large

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This Raku wedding vase design is derived from the Native American wedding vases that have been around for many years, and they are still considered an essential part of many Native American wedding ceremonies. Fired in an outdoor kiln to 2000F. molten hot, it is placed in a pit with dried brush and mesquite shavings that burst into flames. The vary conditions assure that your Raku Vessel is one of a kind. Those who aren’t familiar with Native American wedding vases may not realize that each specific part of a wedding vase carries meaning. A lot of work goes into creating the perfect vase for a wedding. The parents of the groom are traditionally responsible for creating the wedding vase.

One spout on the wedding vase represents the husband; the other, the wife. The handle in the middle of a wedding vase represents the unity that a husband and wife will achieve when they come together on their wedding day. The space between the handle and the two spouts is a representation of the couples’ circle of life.

On the wedding day, each takes a turn drinking from the wedding vase. The groom starts by offering the vase to his wife, and she takes a sip from it. The bride then turns the vase and offers it back to the groom so that he can sip out of it. In some tribes, to mark the moment they officially come together as one, the bride and groom both sip out of the vase at the same time. Tradition dictates that if they are able to do this without spilling any liquid, they are destined to sustain a long life together.

At the end of the ceremony, the wedding vase becomes one of the most cherished items in the couple’s life. They are responsible for taking care of it and making sure that it doesn’t get damaged during their marriage.

These Jeremy Diller Raku Wedding Vases are not designed to drink from but symbolic of the Wedding ceremony.

Small: 3″

Medium: 5.5″

Large: 8"