Our Policy on Shipping

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WE DO NO SHIPPING DIRECT FROM THE STORES. WE SHIP ONLY FROM OUR TUCSON WAREHOUSE. Nearly all of the merchandise in our stores is hand crafted. There are seldom two pieces that are the same. Every piece has a slight difference. When you shop our stores, and you then wish you had purchased a product in our stores, it is difficult for us to take a phone or internet order on that exact piece. In most cases that particular piece is no longer in stock, and if for some chance it is still in stock, there is no sure way for us to know which piece you want. For many years we tried to ship items like these to our customers. We found that we were not satisfying them at all. A majority of the items we shipped were returned because they either were not the way the buyer remembered them, or because they were not the exact same product that the buyer saw in our store. So after a few years of getting returns and phone calls from upset customers we decided that we could please more customers by NOT shipping to them, than we could by shipping them something they did not want. We lost money on shipping and the buyer lost time and money on shipping. If you see something that you like on our website we will be glad to ship it to you, but, we are unable to guarantee exact duplication of an item you saw in one of our stores. If there is something else you would like, please feel free to contact us via this website or by using our email address, DELSOL622@AOL.COM . WE DO NOT ACCEPT PHONE ORDERS AT ANY TIME. We make no guarantees that we will be able to ship, but we will consider your request. If the product you are looking for is still in stock in our warehouse or in any of our Tucson stores, and is able to be shipped via UPS, we will be happy to ship it to you from our Tucson warehouse. Please describe the item the best you can with measurements, stock numbers, colors, price, and any other information you may have. Bulk items such as cabinet knobs must be taken as we pull them from stock, we will not take any special orders for color or subject matter. They are sold by assortment only. We will not consider orders for less than $10.00 USD. SPECIAL ORDERS OF ITEMS THAT ARE NOT ON THIS WEBSITE ARE NOT RETURNABLE, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We strongly urge customers to purchase our one of a kind merchandise while in our stores or to ask friends and family that live near one of our stores to purchase and ship it for you. This is much more economical for you, and if you are not satisfied you can have your friend return the item for you at the store where it was purchased as per store policy.