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Navajo Hand crafted pine pitch pottery.

Navajo Hand crafted pine pitch pottery.

$ 45.00

Today, pitch pottery is painstakingly handmade by Navajo artisans using many of the techniques employed by their ancestors. By gathering the pinon pitch for the glaze, Clay is dug from the earth and then mixed with sand that has been ground to a fine powder before the pieces are finally shaped and fired. The entire process calls for an enormous investment of time, patience, and hard work. The finished product, in all its beauty, is truly a labor of love. Pitch baskets and pots usually homed water for late use. Navajo handcrafted pine pitch pottery. 

Wedding Vases were widely used by many Native American Tribes across the country. Many Believed that as apart of the ancient marriage ceremony the Medicine Man would prepare a special potion for you and your loved one. The mixture signified the promise of deep love and eternal happiness for the couple.

Navajo handcrafted pine pitch pottery.  Approximately 5” tall. This is a traditional wedding vase design.