Native American Southwestern Handcrafted Pottery by the Acoma Pueblo of New Mexico

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Southwestern Handcrafted Acoma Pottery made in New Mexico, USA. From Seed pots, to Wedding vases these pieces are skillfully crafted and painted by the Acoma Pueblo People of New Mexico. Their Styles and art-form of their pots have been telling stories for centuries. The Acoma People still reside in New Mexico today and have continuously been doing so for over 2000 years! This acoma pot is approx. 4.5" tall and initialed by the artist. The pottery of Acoma, aside from its prized artistic value, was originally functional, providing storage for food and water, or used for cooking, and eating. Water jugs were used by the men of Acoma for long hunting trips or camping. Other pots were used as seed pots to store seeds for planting in the coming years. Today the pottery of Acoma is collected for its Beautiful artistic characteristics but also because of its immensely rich historical value. 

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