Authentic Navajo Horsehair Pottery Handcrafted by Tylene Yazzie made in the USA

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Handcrafted by the Dine artist Tylene Yazzie and standing approx. 7.25" tall and 8.5" wide. Horsehair pots are fired in a super-heated kiln.  After the appropriate firing time the pot is removed from the kiln and while it is still extremely hot the artist skillfully drops horsehair at strategic point to produce a design which he/she envisions.  Through this process the horsehair singes burn trails into the pot leaving scars.  No actual horsehair remains in or on the pot.  It is all burned off during the process.  Once cool, the piece is glazed and fired a second time.  At this point the artist will decide if the pot is finished and leave it plain or compliment it with paint, etching, leather wrapping, or any other adornment.